“The design of your program is ingenious.”

Carolyn McKnight
Principal, ELA Performing Arts Academy


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A huge thanks to all our generous contributors:
Witherbee Foundation, The William C. Bannerman Foundation, BCM Foundation, and The Brotman Foundation.


“The support and direction they provided my students was invaluable in getting them to understand the importance of developing a point of view. Their work is transformative.”

Sam Toffler
Teacher, Hamilton HS Academy of Music


“The workshop quickly became the reason most of my students came to school. Several participants, teachers, and parents have told me the project was life altering.”

Traci Thrasher
Teacher, Los Angeles High School


“Students endlessly rave about this program and often shed tears when it’s over.”

Lori Barrell
Teacher, Torres HS: Engineering and Technology Academy


“Their formula was immensely valuable to me. I observed a highly successful model in action, and I will never approach my classes in my old accustomed ways again.”

John Ogden
Teacher, Los Angeles High School